Sunday, May 16, 2010

Questions from readers

Now its time to answer some of the email questions I've been getting.
In regard to the swimming adventures of Penny and Chris Palfrey, Is there some trait that the swimmers and support crew have in common that makes a good team?
Before Penny's swim we had a meeting and were trying to understand the "Shark Shield" and as a last resort we decided to read the directions. We all needed our reading glasses. Same with the restaurant after and trying to read the menu. So I'd say that what we all had in common was wisdom gained from  the experience of years of doing this kind of thing.
Katie Spotz did a great deal of planning and you seem hardly to have done any at all. Is this wise?
Remember the movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark"? Indiana Jones just blew up the plane that was going to take the ark away and his friend asked him what he was going to do next. " I don't know, I'm making this up as I go."  He could get away with that because all his experience. I'm doing all this in my backyard, the places I'm used to and I've been doing this kind of thing all my life. Yes, some of this will be very difficult and will push me beyond anything I've done before but I'm  still doing one or two day adventures and finishing at home so I can keep planning to a minimum and stay flexable as to how I make 2817 miles.
Mens Health did an article about Laird Hamilton and his ten tips to eating healthy. What do you think of his advice?
First of all I always advocate following the advice of only healthy fit people. If your aunt Sally is overweight and can't walk up a flight of stairs and wants to give health and fitness advice - don't listen. I'm sure I'd have no problems with Laird's advice.
I just read it and I agree with it all with the possible exception of  "No Grazing."  I too eat light in the morning but do graze till early afternoon and am always hungry for dinner. With all due respect to Laird and his spin on this topic, this is just more of what all athletes eventually figure out and is nothing new. I too have been saying the same for years and I heard it when I was a kid.
Now that you're starting, any particular worries?
The only real worry I have is time. This is a working man's challenge, a family man's challenge. I have to do it after work and family responsibilities. I'm a bit concerned about where I'll fit all 2817 miles in - but I will fit them in!
What are you more afraid of: Cars when you're on a bike or Sharks when you're in the water? 
The article in the paper said you did about 100 triathlons? I've never seen you at one.
All the triathlons I did were in California and the last one was almost 20 years ago. I was doing them when Lance Armstrong was doing them. Yes, he beat me.
I do think triathlons are in my future, too.

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