Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here is why I work with a personal trainer and with Jeff: because it just works.

I remember the old days and the number of times I used to work out. It didnt average
more than 2-3 times a week, and it was always on and off.

When you work with a personal trainer who knows what he is doing, and when you
have to report to him/her about your progress, then you just do the damn work-outs.

During the time Jeff and I have been working together, there have been times when 
I could've easily gotten lazy and skipped my work-outs. I havent, however. It's 
partially because now I am working towards a professional athletic career
and feel more responsible to myself, but I also know that if I do, I will be 
wasting my trainer's time.

Now I work out 6 times a week. Isnt that just AWESOME?

What also happens is, when you start exercising regularly, you just want to keep 
doing it because, as Jeff has said in his previous posts, you feel more energetic. 
Sitting around waiting for some magical power to pump energy into your system
is pure waste of time. Only when you get your butt up andstart moving around 
that you feel that energy pumping.

I simply havent felt more energetic in my life before. I want to play all day, 
surf, kite, sail and run around.

The only things that stop me from exercising from dawn to dusk is my thesis 
and my lower back injuries that recently got worse. I am working hard these days
to both finish my thesis, YESSS and to heal my lower back. I have a slightly 
straightened lumbar spine and sciatica possibly due to a disc injury.

My doctor advised me to do yoga, pilates, lots of core work and swimming. He 
advised that I avoid impact exercises such as running or kitesurfing and windsurfing. 
He also told me that I shouldnt go "too crazy out there" when I surf. I have been 
surfing, and I havent been going too crazy out there. Why? Because longboarders 
cant really go crazy. I cant wait to be a shortboarder and go crazy out there.
I wish I could afford physical therapy, but I guess it is OK to wait until I get back home, 
to Turkey,where I have health insurance. I can already feel the blessings of 
yoga however, a less stiff back and neck. Despite my efforts, my sciatica has 
been acting up, sending excruciating shooting painsdown my lower back lately, which I 
can only cope with by stopping to walk or whatever I am doing.I am wondering if it is 
because I have been biking too much.

Oh, lets not forget about my bruised tailbone. I just bought a red donut and
it's been fun sittingon it. Thanks to that red donut, I dont get up from my desk 
like a 95 year old grandma.

Photo: Selen Yildiz. A photo I took while chilling next to my board before a session and dreaming of the south swell's arrival.

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