Monday, June 21, 2010

Try This

 Exercise of the Month 
Reverse Lunge with Kickback

Exercise Name: Reverse Lunge with Kickback

Exercise Type: Strength

Difficulty: Intermediate

Body Parts: Hip, Knee, Triceps

Target Muscles: Hip and Knee Extensors, Triceps

Equipment Options: Cables, Bands

Standing in an erect posture with feet under the hips, grasp the handles using a pronated grip with arms in a flexed position against the sides of the body. Initiate the movement by stepping backward flexing the front hip and knee and flexing the knee of the step leg into a lunge position. At the same time extend the arms keeping the humerus against the midaxillary line of the body. Descend to 90 degrees of knee flexion while fully extending the arms. Return by stepping forward extending the hip and knees while flexing the arms to the start position. Alternate legs on each repetition.
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