Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Hawaii Channel Swim

It's early Saturday morning and I just finished last minute packing for a short but exciting trip. Bill Goding, Quinn Carver, Jen Shumacher and possibly Brian Denaro will be attempting to swim from Kauai to Niihau across the Kaulakahi Channel (17.5 miles) on Sunday (8/29) and they have asked me to be part of the support crew.

Niihau, known as the Forbidden Isle", is privatly owned and few are allowed to set foot on its shores. We know someone who knows someone and we have permission to go ashore but then are asked to quickly leave.
This may not be the longest channel crossing in the Hawaiian Islands but its got to be the most remote and exotic.
I'll have photos and the full story next week and you can get updates on this blog via twitter as they happen.

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