Sunday, December 19, 2010

Can Wii Help You Get Fit?

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Competition is heating up as other companies enter the active video gaming (AVG) sector to challenge the Wii. Children and adults alike have taken to the fun associated with physically interactive games. In fact, manufacturers suggest that these games may be an important part of modern lifestyle activities. Several recent research studies have explored the actual contribution these games have on daily energy expenditure with mixed reviews. The Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport (2010) examined gaming outcomes in energy expenditure for 11 and 12 year old boys (n=26). Subjects participated in both sedentary (resting, watching television and sedentary gaming), and active playing activities on the Nintendo Wii (Bowling, Boxing, Tennis, and Wii Fit Skiing and Step), as well as performed traditional walking and running, including a maximal fitness test.


Ryan said...

kind of funny yet sad that this is what 'playing sports' means today.

Koz said...

I agree, it is sad.