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Honolulu Marathon Race Results

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Nicholas Chelimo of Kenya was first across the finish line this year at the 2010 Honolulu Marathon on the island of Oahu.  After 20 miles of running the pack he slowly began to distance himself from the other runners.  As Chelimo surged the other runners, Kenyans, dropped one by one. He would finish the course in 2:15:18.
27 year-old Chelimo was all alone after the 22 mile mark with Richard Limo also of Kenya, being his biggest competition and closest competitor.  Limo came in with a time of 2:17:18 while Solomon Bushendich was third with a time of 2:19:54, and Gibert Kirwa was fourth with a time of 2:20:58.

Jimmy Muindi came in fifth with a time of 2:22:34. Muindi is a seven time winner of the Honolulu Marathon with his last win coming in 2007 in a time that would have still put him 3rd overall this year.Marty Muchow of Mililani was the first local finisher in a time of 2:49:15.
For the women, it was a late entry that was almost disqualified that ended up winning the race, which was also her first marathon ever. 22 year old Belainesh Gebre won the event in 2:32:13 beating defending champion Svetlana Zakharova by almost a minute.
Gebre was leading almost the entire race and ran alongside her boyfriend for the whole race. A protest was filed after the race when Zakharova insisted that Gebre’s boyfriend was passing her water and pacing her as her coach giving her illegal assistance.
Although photographers and race officials confirmed this was in fact occurring, the results stood. Full results are below.  Results and photo from

Men’s 2010 Marathon Results
1. Nicholas Chelimo KEN 2:15:18
2. Richard Limo KEN 2:17:18
3. Solomon Bushendic KEN 2:19:54
4. Gibert Kirwa KEN 2:20:58
5. Jimmy Muindi KEN 2:22:34
6. Mbarak Hussein USA 2:22:37
7. Nicholas Stanko USA 2:27:25
8. Makoto Ogura JPN 2:30:20
9. Kenichiro Koide JPN 2:33:29
10. Masauki Miwa JPN 2:34:53
Women’s 2010 Marathon Results
1. Belainesh Gebre USA 2:32:13
2. Svetlana Zakharov RUS 2:33:01
3. Kaori Yoshida JPN 2:39:02
4. Teyba Naser ETH 2:41:08
5. Eri Hayakawa JPN 2:42:12
6. Eri Okuobo JPN 2:47:14
7. Megumi Oshima JPN 2:57:20
8. Rachel Cieslewicz USA 2:59:23
9. Futabe Aoki JPN 3:02:09
10. Yuka Aoyama JPN 3:04:05

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