Monday, March 28, 2011

7 Mistakes Most Athletes Make

21 March 2011
For all the attention we athletes pay to dialing in our gear and gadgets and teaching ourselves how to calculate this metric or that, generally, we don’t take proper care of our number one asset: our bodies.  Hunter Allen tells us the seven common mistakes he sees athletes make and how you can fix them.
sleep deprived athlete1.  Most athletes do not rest properly nor enough.  Many times cyclists just don’t give themselves enough rest and when they do rest they are not really resting.  Get a good book, read it.  Stretch lightly, eat healthy foods and take naps.   If you can take a nap each day, then do it. You’ll be a better cyclist and get fitter faster.   When you train hard, recovery is just as important as the training. It’s in the rest period that you actually improve!   Yes, when you train, you break down muscles and get tired and sore.  When you rest, your body rebuilds, repairs and gets stronger. If you don’t rest, you won’t ever get stronger.

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