Monday, June 20, 2011

The Race Is On

Katie and Sam

The Race is on! Blue Planet Network has three incredible teams riding in the "world's toughest bike race," the non-stop Race Across America. They will arrive in Annapolis, MD next weekend, June 25-26.

You may have heard, Katie Spotz crashed while training a week ago and fractured her pelvis. Incredibly, this hasn't stopped her from racing. Only now she must pedal with her arms on a hand cycle...

Samim Rizvi, RAAM's first solo racer from India, has made it 1,000 miles in just over three days, and has crossed the continental divide within the cut-off time. Team Hope is riding hard for its water project in Uganda...
Here are some great ways to make their miles meaningful:

Watch the great video updates from Katie and Sam on Shape What's To Come.
Tweet a Cheer to Katie and Sam with #Ride4Water, and Levi's® will donate $1 to our water project.
Share our Facebook posts with your friends.
Let media and bloggers know to go

Explore the route map.
Check current locations of each team.

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Anonymous said...

thanks Koz! As usual you bring clarity to a murky situation. Can't follow your lead with the donation. I'll stick with BPN who seems to operate at a level above that of the crazies in the shark camp.
Somehow, someway the sharks know you respect them. And I respect you.